MCA Opening/Objectophilia

On Wednesday, June 30th, I went down to the MCA opening, Energy Effects. This opening was much less crowded than the previous opening last January had been, because this time the crowd was distributed into the Objectophilia show going on nearby at the Capsule space.

The MCA show had some cool stuff, but it seemed a lot less art focused with things like a rocket engine and a giant print of the Large Hadron Collider on display. The car they had standing on its end in the water across the street was highly impressive, though. I didn’t notice it until leaving the museum and I’m glad I didn’t – it would’ve cheapened the effect of the Gonzalo Lebrija photograph of the same thing.

The Objectophilia show seemed a lot less austere, and more kitsch – with things like the large display of cultural ephemera, cereal box lids and candy containers and such – and bohemian, with the dancers dressed in different materials dancing amongst the pieces in the Capsule space.

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First Friday June

On June 4th I went down to the First Friday art walk on Santa Fe. They launched a shuttle bus from the light rail station a few months ago and this was my first opportunity to use it. It was pretty convenient, but for as long as I waited for it seemed silly to not just walk to Santa Fe from the station.

This was also my first time seeing the new CVA Building. I thought it was one of the better shows that night. I noticed that several of the pieces in the CVA, like the large metal sphere sculptures and the painting with the anime girls, were from other shows along Santa Fe.

Later, in the second floor of the Space Gallery, I noticed some encaustic books and saw that they were done by a former teacher.

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